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The Solar Panel Array

We are really excited about the prospect of solar panels generating 100% of our electrical needs. Being self-sufficient is one of our goals in life. We are currently designing a 10kW  Solar Panel Array to be mounted on the roof of our home. We've gone back and forth with the actual wattage we think we will… Continue reading The Solar Panel Array

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120 Volt Electrical

Mains (120v) Off the Grid  When not connected to "the grid", 120v AC loads require an "inverter" to convert DC voltage (usually in the form of 12v deep-cycle batteries) to 120v AC. For example, if you wanted to power your home 120v Television in your RV, Skoolie, or from your solar array at home,  you… Continue reading 120 Volt Electrical

Electricity, Solar, Sustainability

Solar Powered Low Voltage DC – 12 Volt Electricity

Setting up a small solar circuit is actually super easy! This page will cover the basics of connecting the various components of the system. You should be able to adapt this information to easily fit your needs.   Solar Panels to the Solar Charge Controller If you're unsure about Solar Panels, check out our brief… Continue reading Solar Powered Low Voltage DC – 12 Volt Electricity