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Chapter 8: Solar Charge Controllers

Solar Charge Controllers are specialized battery chargers that regulate the energy produced by solar panels, while charging the battery bank. While solar charge controllers come in a vast range of prices, power ratings and features, they all fall into one of two basic categories: Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM) and Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT). PWM (Pulse… Continue reading Chapter 8: Solar Charge Controllers

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Chapter 6: Solar Panel Basics

Solar photovaltaic (PV) Panels, commonly known as Solar Panels, come in Poly-crystalline and Mono-crystalline. The two are immediately distinguishable by their appearance. The main difference between the panels you'll find, is the purity of the silicone in the panels wafers. Purity is important, because it is one of the largest variables in the panels efficiency. Lets take… Continue reading Chapter 6: Solar Panel Basics


Chapter 2: The Basics of DC Electricity

DC or “Direct Current” Electricity is the continuous flow of electrons from an area of negative charges to an area of positive charges. If you were to consider powering a 12v DC lightbulb with a car battery and jumper cables, the “power” would flow out of the negative battery terminal, through the the lightbulb, and finally… Continue reading Chapter 2: The Basics of DC Electricity