Chapter 14: DC Lighting

Fortunately, skoolies are blessed with a decent amount of natural light. This will be great during the daytime when there is an abundance of light available. But what if your off grid location doesn’t have abundant windows or natural light, and what about at night, or in the early morning? We've decided that 90% of our… Continue reading Chapter 14: DC Lighting


Chapter 13: Connecting to the Grid

While boondocking and attempting to live off-grid as much as possible while traveling, we hope to rely on "shore" hookups as little as possible. Ideally we’ve done a good job planning our energy needs and we’ve sized our battery bank and solar array to supply enough energy to where we won't NEED to hookup for… Continue reading Chapter 13: Connecting to the Grid

Batteries, Electricity, Solar

Chapter 12: Dual Battery Systems

My introduction to dual battery systems came from “Overlanding”. A community of self-reliant adventurers who travel to remote destinations. While expedition is defined as a journey with a purpose, overlanding sees the journey as the purpose. While a dual battery system isn't necessary for a stationary off-grid setup; it is a near necessity when providing… Continue reading Chapter 12: Dual Battery Systems

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Chapter 10: Solar Powered 12 Volt DC System – Putting It All Together

We’re ready to put together a 12v Solar Powered Electrical System! This chapter covers the basics of connecting the components of a solar system that we covered in the previous chapters. Not every installation will be the same and you may need to adapt some of the information provided to your situation or environment. While… Continue reading Chapter 10: Solar Powered 12 Volt DC System – Putting It All Together


Chapter 9: Power Inverters & 120v Off-Grid

Producing 120v Off the Grid  The "simplest" solution is to run a generator. I know your first thought is YUCK! And I would tend to agree. Generators are often noisy and smelly; but, they are not all created equal. A Honda Inverter Generator for example, supplies less total wattage then a lower priced generator, but… Continue reading Chapter 9: Power Inverters & 120v Off-Grid