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Chapter 10: Solar Powered 12 Volt DC System – Putting It All Together

We’re ready to put together a 12v Solar Powered Electrical System! This chapter covers the basics of connecting the components of a solar system that we covered in the previous chapters. Not every installation will be the same and you may need to adapt some of the information provided to your situation or environment. While… Continue reading Chapter 10: Solar Powered 12 Volt DC System – Putting It All Together


Chapter 9: Power Inverters & 120v Off-Grid

Producing 120v Off the Grid  The "simplest" solution is to run a generator. I know your first thought is YUCK! And I would tend to agree. Generators are often noisy and smelly; but, they are not all created equal. A Honda Inverter Generator for example, supplies less total wattage then a lower priced generator, but… Continue reading Chapter 9: Power Inverters & 120v Off-Grid

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Chapter 8: Solar Charge Controllers

Solar Charge Controllers are specialized battery chargers that regulate the energy produced by solar panels, while charging the battery bank. While solar charge controllers come in a vast range of prices, power ratings and features, they all fall into one of two basic categories: Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM) and Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT). PWM (Pulse… Continue reading Chapter 8: Solar Charge Controllers

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Chapter 6: Solar Panel Basics

Solar photovaltaic (PV) Panels, commonly known as Solar Panels, come in Poly-crystalline and Mono-crystalline. The two are immediately distinguishable by their appearance. The main difference between the panels you'll find, is the purity of the silicone in the panels wafers. Purity is important, because it is one of the largest variables in the panels efficiency. Lets take… Continue reading Chapter 6: Solar Panel Basics