How and Where To Fill Your Freshwater Tanks

Unless you like funny flavored water, always use a suitable hose for drinking water. You should also have several lengths of hose, 10ft, 25ft, & 50ft seem to be the most common lengths. NEVER use your fresh water hoses for anything other than filling your freshwater holding tank(s); the hoses need to be kept as sanitary as possible. Something like the Camco TastePure Drinking Water Hose.

Consider the image above, you can clearly see that one side of the clear tube has a female hose adapter, and on the other end, a simple hose clamp. These types of items can be used to obtain freshwater from nearly anywhere. You could use the hose clamp side to attach the hose to a sinks faucet for free freshwater from a rest stops, gas stations, state/national parks, etc. It is important to be prepared with a variety of the standard connections so you are not scrambling for freshwater.

You will be pleasantly surprised how far you can get by simply talking to people and asking them if you can use some water for your RV. If you’ve got a Skoolie, I’m sure they’re already curious and would love to hear more about your work.

It is also important to remember that we are talking about our freshwater, the water we will be drinking. We will be using a small spray bottle filled with a bleach mixture to spray and clean any water hookups we are unsure about. But really, we’ll try to avoid anywhere we’d need to clean the hook up, but you never know and its always nice to be prepared.

*Water Pressure Regulator on Fill-line

Overview of our 3 Holding Tanks


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