Skoolie Tire Maintenance

If the tires have only 3 digits, they are too old to use! They are pre-2000!

  • 12 Ply
  • 100psi
  • Steel Radial Cooper
  • 8r 19.5 is the tire size (8 refers to the width. 19.5 refers to the diameter)
  • 12R 22.5’s is another tire size
  • Also, check the age.
    •  Where the DOT followed by numbers and letters is, the last four numbers are manufacture date. First two is the week, last two is the year. If there’s only three numbers run! it was made prior to 2000 and is too old.
  • Make sure you get the right ply rating for the weight load you have on your bus
  • steering wheels need to be the best $ can buy
  • RVer’s tend to change out tires based on years (5 to 7 years) rather than mileage
  • wheel covers to keep the sun from damaging the tires

Much of this information can be found at the Tire Retread & Repair Information Bureau

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