Food, Minimalism, Sustainability

The Beginning of our Journey: Reducing Waste!

We are beyond ready to get started with our Skoolie Adventure, unfortunately due to medical reasons, neither of us is in any condition to begin construction just yet. Instead, we are going to begin changing and adapting our lifestyles to suit living sustainably on our Skoolie.

We both agree that reducing the amount of pre-packaged products we purchase, will be the biggest change, and challenge, that we can begin before actually moving in to our Skoolie. It’s not just about preparing for life in a Skoolie, but about enacting the changes that we believe in, and taking steps towards a sustainable future.

Living in an apartment, or a house, waste typically isn’t a concern.  If the garbage can in the house is too full, tie it up and take it outside. Trash pickup usually comes weekly, so there is no real worry if the can outside overflows a little. Living in a Skoolie (Tiny Home or RV, Off-the-Grid, etc.), life is different; unless you’re paying for campgrounds, waste disposal can become a major concern.

We began searching the internet for websites, forums, blogs, etc. that we thought would inspire us for our own adventure. We came across one blog in particular that we thought was pretty cool.

With sustainability in mind, we are taking the “minimal waste creation” approach, and we’ve come up with a few good ideas that we think can help us along the way. My favorite, is purchasing products that have no packaging. You can bring your own containers to Bulk Food Stores, and fill them with dry-goods.

A good site to find Bulk Food Stores near you is

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