Welcome to OffGridSkoolie!

Welcome to OffGridSkoolie! Our website began with the plan to document our Skoolie conversion, and that will still happen! For now, this website isn’t solely about our creating a Skoolie; but, also about gathering information for others who might also want to build a Skoolie or utilize some of these “off-grid” methods.

In addition, the information for building a Skoolie can be applied to many other DIY projects, be it demolition, construction, plumbing, wiring, electricity, HVAC, etc. You name it and we’ll be going over it.

One of our favorite parts about this project will be the “Smart Home” features we will be installing. Since we’re going to be taking the time to really renovate our Skoolie, why not add in a little extra and  really make it a place we really can enjoy.

We plan to take our Skoolie on a road trip exploring the United States. We hope that in our journey, we are able to connect with the people and communities we come across. We would like to actively contribute to the communities we visit, be it through donations or contributing our time to helping those in need.

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