Welcome to OffGridSkoolie!

Welcome to OffGridSkoolie! Our website began with our plan to document our Skoolie conversion. Unfortunately, that plan has been put on hold. For now, this website isn’t going to be about our creating a Skoolie; instead, this site will serve as a gathering of information for others who might also want to build a Skoolie or utilize some of these “off-grid” methods, whether at home, in their RV, or totally off the grid!

While we are not currently working on our Skoolie, we are working to reduce our environmental footprint. Fortunately, the information for building a Skoolie can be applied to many other DIY projects, be it, demolition, construction, plumbing, wiring, electricity, HVAC, etc. You name it and we’ll be going over it.

While our circumstances have changed, the goals of sustainability we had hoped to achieve on-board our Skoolie, are the same goals that we will continue to pursue while living at home.

Come back soon and see what’s new!